Saturday, 17 September 2011

Interactive Plot Ranges in Mathematica

If you've used things like InteractiveTradingChart in Mathematica you may have wondered why that sort of dynamic interactivity isn't an option for other plot and chart types. I've made a function called interactiveDateListPlot to do this using sliders and locators.

The code for interactiveDateListPlot can be downloaded here. This code was for DateListPlot but interested Mathematica users will be able to extend this to other plot types.


  1. Thank you for sharing. This is very helpful.

  2. Very interesting slider. Thank you very much for making it available.

    Just one comment:
    Do we really need the second slider (the bottom one)? Couldn't we just pick up the blue rectangle, and move it as an all? Like an invisible slider placed in between the two custom ones...

    Thanks again,
    P. Fonseca

  3. off the top of my head I see no reason why the entire blue region couldn't be "selectable" and then slide it along. I chose to do it this way simply because this is analogous to the way the InteractiveTradingChart works.


    ps. Apparently there may be some issues on Windows due to a possible bug reading AbsoluteOptions.

  4. Hi

    The code is no longer available.


  5. Ok. I have fixed the link.