Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dynamic Grids

I've been developing some grids that have some dynamic features that make them more useful than static grids. In the video below you will see a grid that behaves similarly to an Excel spreadsheet with frozen panes. The main difference is the use of openers to nest line item categories. In the video I have replaced actual data with random line item names and random numbers. The actual usage is for each nested child category to add to its parents total. The parent totals are displayed and when you click on the openers the child line items are displayed.

Best viewed in full screen mode.


  1. Hi!.. How can I have this grid? Very cool!

  2. The grid with nested categories is part of code for customer. The more general code of a grid with sliders can be supplied. Ask a question on stackexchange and I'll post the code.

  3. Done here
    tks in advance