Monday 26 September 2011

Creating "margin" graphics, custom dingbats, and docked cells

During a discussion on LinkedIn: "Anyone writing journal papers and theses using Mathematica?" one of the questions raised was how to have text floating around graphics. I don't have an easy answer for that but one of the other features you often see in textbooks is wide page margins that contain pocket graphics. You can implement this in Mathematica by placing the graphic in the CellFrameLabel. Here is an example:

The notebook describing how to do this can be downloaded here.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Interactive Plot Ranges in Mathematica

If you've used things like InteractiveTradingChart in Mathematica you may have wondered why that sort of dynamic interactivity isn't an option for other plot and chart types. I've made a function called interactiveDateListPlot to do this using sliders and locators.

The code for interactiveDateListPlot can be downloaded here. This code was for DateListPlot but interested Mathematica users will be able to extend this to other plot types.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Test post

Test post to see if I can embed CDFs without any problems described here. I've found that this can sometimes take awhile to load even though the file is 4KB.

The CDF being displayed here is located at my Dropbox. Additional material on embedding CDFs can be found at Walking Randomly.