Wednesday 27 June 2012

Easy button to switch between `Working` and `SlideShow` Screen Environments

There was a question here about having a button in a docked cell to switch between the Working and SlideShow environments in Mathematica. In the notebook linked at the bottom there is code to generate a docked cell that allows you to toggle between the Working and SlideShow environments and also allows to to run the Working environments in full screen mode.

There are instructions on how to turn this into a stylesheet. You can download the Mathematica notebook here.

Legend positioning

Problem: I want to be able to fine tune the positioning of my plot legends.

Solution: Use the legends as a Locator in Mathematica.

Second problem: I want to position the legend outside the graphic. It is easier to use scaled points for locator positioning and these work within the plot.

Solution: Surround your actual plot with an empty graphic that acts as a canvas

Below is an example using a toy legend.

The Mathematica notebook can be downloaded here.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Tabbed content

TabView is good for prototyping interfaces but when deploying you ideally want to make things look a bit better. Here is an example of Mathematica tabs built from the ground up from graphics primitives and event handlers. The application is the creation of a step by step wizard.

(note that the compression used in the video creation hasn't done the crispness of this interface any favours)